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We were on the Nikkei Newspaper (Kyushu ver.)!!

Hello, this is Ann from FBI blog editorial!

I hope you are well☆


Today, we have a good news :)

We’re glad to announce that...


We made an article on The Nikkei

(Japan Economic Newspaper), Kyushu ver.

On August 18th 2016!

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Website post:

Nikkei is the world’s largest financial newspaper first published in 1876.

[Quates from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Nikkei]


 The article introduced our office and current services, as well as our further plan of business expansion in Fukuoka in the future.


We’re glad and honored to be able to share this news here!

And thank you for those who called/visited our office regarding this matter.


FBI team, as your "reliable overseas department" 

would like to continuously strive to provide services in order to satisfy your needs. 


If you’re interested in our business, feel free to contact us!