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【Client Case Study】Localization Support: Concur Japan Ltd.

Hello, FBI blog editorial here!

How are you?


Today, we will introduce one of our clients and the services we provide for them as part of “Client Case Study” series.




Proudly give an introduction to the very first case - Concur Japan, Ltd. 


Concur Japan, headquartered in the United States, is located in Yurakucho, Tokyo, with the modern and sophisticated office environment, offering their cloud-based products such as Concur Expense and Concur Invoice.


Apparently, they were awarded for Great Place to Work® in 2015.

Article & photos are here: (available only in Japanese)

 It has been an honor to be their good business partner since FBI started.


As Concur’s solutions are originally in English, the Japanese localization team takes initiative to produce the Japanese version. FBI supports part of their localization on a monthly basis such as:

★Translating and proofreading their manuals and release notes

★Managing translation memories, term basis, and so on...


Here are Mr. Funakoshi, the director of Concur’s localization team, and Ms. Tanaka, the localization manager.


Mr. Funakoshi, on the right, is always cheerful and a persuasive talker, must have a sharp mind.🌠

As for Ms. Tanaka, on the left, she is resourceful and always gives us precise instructions. We have been learning a lot from her.

We greatly appreciate your acceptance to be posted on our blog.😍


And Ms. Tanaka kindly sent us a message!

Concur values the quality of expressions in Japanese localization which is achieved by carefully choosing appropriate words in order to describe the context correctly. As a result, managing translation memories and term bases becomes more complicated.


FBI supports us by providing their high-quality translation and proofreading services with their compelling bilingual skills. On top of that, they put great effort into researching and double-checking in order to meet our criteria. Thanks to FBI, we are able to accomplish tasks on schedule in spite of the fact that our release cycles are very short and multiple projects are always ongoing simultaneously.


Well, to tell you the truth, Japanese localization is the only one that manages this process and quality out of 20 different languages. To convey the best practice to other Concurs, we’ll fly to Europe to present it.


We will be counting on you as a member of our team, buddy!


Thank you so much for your thoughtful words!!!😂😂😂


We, FBI staff, are striving to maintain high standard and produce the best outcome!




FBI aims to be “Your reliable off-site LOC team.”


We would like to act as if we were in-house translators, by understanding clients' products and culture, not limiting ourselves as ordinary "outsourced translators". Our goal is to reflect "the clients' characteristics" out of their materials through accurate and clear Japanese translation.


Even our base’s in Fukuoka, we often work on-site at clients’ offices at the project start phase to familiarize ourselves with their localization process as well as getting to know each other.


Likewise, in the case of Concur, we went through On-the-Job-Training at their site to start off. Consequently, focusing on better understanding of our clients enables us to provide efficient work regardless of locations.


To find out more about our services, please contact us.